Providing exceptional urological care in Western Montana

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Services & Procedures

Five Valleys Urology provides diagnostic care and surgical treatment for both male and female patients of all ages.

We plan for all stages of patient care

We provide same day appointments for emergent patients and through our physician assistant-led walk-in clinic.


We provide consultative and evaluative appointments for all urologic conditions. Our staff and physicians are here to provide you the information you need to make informed decisions.


Our office provides a full array of services to make your medical care as efficient, cost-effective, and low stress as possible. Our in-house lab processes PSA and testosterone tests on-site, reducing the need to visit an outside lab and reducing your cost.

Ongoing Health

Our board-certified urologists provide comprehensive and advanced care for prostate cancer. With advanced training in state of the art procedures, we provide excellent care locally.

Delivering advanced surgical procedures to Missoula

Five Valleys Urology is proud to offer minimally invasive alternatives using the latest technologies, such as the da Vinci® System and MonLisa Touch® for our patients, reducing pain and scarring while promoting faster recover times.

da Vinci® System

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) allows physicians to perform many kinds of major surgery with a variety of benefits for the patient:

Less trauma and pain, minimal scarring, faster recovery and shorter hospital stays. Surgeries are performed through small incisions, which replace the large incisions needed for conventional open surgeries.

Specialists in MonaLisa Touch® treatments

This leading-edge fractional laser treats gynecologic health issues often caused by menopause, greatly improving the quality of life for female patients.

Leaders in Robotic Prostatectomy

We provide the only robotically assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy in western Montana, and lead the Robotic Prostatectomy program for both Saint Patrick Hospital and Community Medical Center in Missoula, Montana.

UroLift® System

UroLift® System treatment is an in-office solution that provides quick relief and recovery for men living with symptoms of an enlarged prostate. UroLift® System breaks the cycle of medications and medication side effects without the risks of traditional surgery.Our goal is to relieve symptoms so you can get back to your daily activities and life!

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, comprehensive, and advanced urologic care in a timely fashion with expertise and compassion to patients across the region.