Our providers and staff are focused on keeping you and your family in good health. Prior to March 2020, insurance restrictions greatly limited the ability for the Urology provider-patient relationship to exist without a face to face encounter.  Our comprehensive Telehealth solution allows you to securely connect with your provider through video and/or telephone to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services.

Our telehealth program is designed for your safety and convenience. For patients who were used to driving multiple hours for a short office visit, Telehealth saves time and money. For many other patients, it just make sense to visit with your doctor remotely. We invite you to make the most of your time and meet your doctor online.

All our Telehealth visits begin with a nurse calling to perform the intake process. Our nurse then will send you a text message or email link to click to begin your appointment. Our simple and secure solution has no app to download, no passwords to remember and the service is 100% HIPAA-Secure. Please call 406-728-3366 to schedule a Telehealth visit.

Watch the Telemedicine video:

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