Advanced Prostate Cancer

Men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer have a variety of life-extending treatment options to choose from. The choice of treatment depends on the stage of the cancer, as well as your age and overall health. It’s important for you to talk with your doctor to determine the best option for you.

Treatment Options May Include:

  • Hormone Therapy: Blocks male hormones that prostate cancer cells need to grow.
  • Immunotherapy: Activates a patient’s immune system to seek out and attack prostate cancer.
  • Chemotherapy: Uses chemicals to stop prostate cancer cells from growing. 

What is Provenge?

PROVENGE is a state of the art immunotherapy treatment option that uses your body’s own immune cells and reprograms them to attack your advanced prostate cancer. It is the only personalized treatment that is clinically proven to help extend life in certain men with advanced prostate cancer. This process delivers a treatment designed just for you and each dose consists of your own immune cells that have been trained to seek and attack prostate cancer cells.

  • Provenge is proven to help men live longer. Three years after the start of a clinical trial, more men treated with Provenge were alive than men not treated with Provenge.
  • Provenge reduced the risk of death by 22.5% for patients in the PROVENGE group. Only 1.5% of men discontinued treatment with PROVENGE due to side effects.

How is Provenge Different from Other Prostate Cancer Treatments?

  • Provenge is an immunotherapy—Immunotherapy works by stimulating the immune cells already in your body to attack prostate cancer cells.
  • Provenge is NOT chemotherapy—Chemotherapy uses chemicals to stop prostate cancer cells from growing. Because Provenge is not chemotherapy, you will not experience the common, sometimes difficult, side effects seen in chemotherapy.
  • Provenge is NOT a hormone therapy—Hormones are chemicals made by the body that control the activity of certain cells or organs. Hormone therapy in prostate cancer is used to decrease the level of testosterone in the body.

Is Provenge Right for You?

PROVENGE therapy is a treatment option for certain men with metastatic prostate cancer, meaning that the cancer has spread beyond the prostate into lymph nodes, bone, etc. Additionally, eligible prostate cancer patients will have progression or growth of the prostate cancer despite the use of standard hormonal therapy.

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