Are you open now?

We are open during the shelter in-place orders as an essential business. We are limiting patient appointments to protect everyone. We are scheduling Telehealth visits, some in-office procedures, and face-to face-appointments for time sensitive conditions.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We have a same day clinic for blood draws (PSA and TES levels), and urinary tract infections. Please call our office to reserve your same day slot. We do not accept walk-in provider appointments at this time.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

While some doctors wait times can be 6-8 weeks for non-emergent appointments, we can generally get you in to see a provider within a week.

Do I need to leave a urine sample?

Many appointment types require a urine sample. Most of the time we will tell you when you schedule but it is always good to show up to your appointment with a full bladder.

Does your office accept my insurance as payment?

We participate in Medicare, Medicaid, VA Connected Care, and most major insurance companies. Each insurer has their own policies on co-payments (what you pay at the time of service), co-insurance (what your portion of the payment is for a service), and level of coverage (how much they pay for a service). It is best to contact your insurer to determine their rules. We follow the contractual guidelines with our insurance partners, which in general means we collect the co-pay they indicate, if any, and limit our charges to those agreed to by contract.

When should I hear about results from my test or imaging?

For lab tests, we generally get results back within 48 hours. If you haven’t heard back form us by the third day, please call or message us through our patient portal (make patient portal a link). For imaging and pathology, test results may take 4-5 days, but if you have not heard from us by the 4th day, please call or message us.

When should I hear about the results from my biopsy or surgery?

In many cases, the doctor will talk to you and your family immediately following your surgical procedure. Sometimes tissue needs to be evaluated by a pathologist, in which case you will hear back from us within 5 days.

Have questions? We’re here to help.