Five Valleys Urology specializes in a comprehensive approach to men’s sexual health. While not always easy to discuss, our trained providers have the necessary experience and know how to help start the conversation and develop plans for each patients individual needs. Sexual health issues can develop at any age, however as men age some conditions can become worse.  Almost all male sexual health issues are treatable, whether they be erectile dysfunction (ED) or low libido.  We are here to help, confidentially.

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low Testosterone

Peyronie’s Disease

Men who have a curved erection could have Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s is an acquired curvature of the penis that can lead to pain with erection, diminished firmness of erection, and, when severe, can interfere with satisfactory sexual intercourse. Once thought to affect only about 1% of men, it is now believed to occur in up to 10% of men. In a small percentage of men, this condition can improve or resolve spontaneously. In severe cases requiring treatment, it can be very frustrating for patients and treating physicians alike. Most physicians will prescribe medications or recommend over the counter supplements that may improve blood flow or promote healing of the scarred tissue. In reality, little evidence exists that oral medications successfully treat Peyronie’s disease. Five Valleys Urology offers an FDA-approved non-surgical in-office treatment that can improve pain and curvature. When conservative treatments are not adequate, we can perform outpatient surgeries which can correct the curvature.

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